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Located in the very heart of Positano's night life, la Brezza Net Art Cafè is, first of all, a privileged terrace on the beautiful Spiaggia Grande, with a stung view of the picturesque bay of Positano and Li Galli islands.

Not just a bar but an internet café: delicious brunch and buffet, snack, appetizer, happy hour and cocktail at the sunset will accompany your moment of relaxation in the pearl of the Amalfi coast; moreover, you can reconcile a quite break with your need of connectivity, thanks to free wi-fi internet connection.

Theme night and party, inspired by various cuisine of the world, will allow you to taste new flavors.

Do not miss the Bio Brezza, the biological lab where it is possible to buy organic fruits, smoothies and centrifuged, ideal for a healthy and super cool break!


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